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  • DOOH Expected Growth

    Expected 12.8% growth rate for DOH in 2018 --Jack Myers, Media Vilage

  • DOOH Expected Growth

    Digital Out-Of-Home media revenues worldwide are up 13% this year, with the U.S. estimated to expand more than 10%. Consumer exposure to Digital-Out-Of-Home screens grew 9% thisyear --PQ Media's 2017 Global OOH Forecast

  • Time Spent Out Of The Home

    People spend on average 70% of their time OUT of the home.

  • Mobile & Urban Societies

    85% of the U.S. population will be living in urban areas by the year 2020 --Unicef

  • OOH Revenue

    By 2018, 53 percent of OOH revenue will be digital. --DPAA Media Planners Study

  • Programmatic Ad Spending

    81.5% of Digital display Advertising will be spent programmatic in 2018. 84% of Digital display Advertising well be spent programmatic in 2019. --eMarketer

  • Smart Cities

    "75% of the urban infrastructure that will exist in 2050 has yet to be built" --Steven Freitas, CMO, OAAA